STOP - Nilomtapoux

STOP - Nilomtapoux cdr



Stop is an ambient project out of Poland. In a limited edition of only 50 copies Nilomtapoux is reminiscent of works by Brume or Maeror Tri at first listen. A rattle and hum that at times sounds like a rocket preparing for lift off on Semisong. For a moment everything sounds in reverse on the dronefest Nice Dice, its assorted engines and watery crevices. And so it goes, with dramatic warping of knobs and wires, this noise is at times chaotic, at times harmonious and settling. Though this is certainly not easy listening, as the racket on the ravaging Motherfucker will attest. This is certainly the aftermath of a anthropomorphic invasion of deserted wastelands by a being that doesn't sound tickled to be there. The inherent anger in the piece has a certain subtlety that gives it dramatic credence. During its eleven minutes there is a whole range on tonalities and other assorted sounds, fading finally into a vortex of crunchy white noise. Information uses voiceover samples in multiple languages, though they are truly only part of a larger weave of symbiotic restraint. This powerful release by a virtual unknown could dual with any recent Merzbow recording, though its limited release will only inspire few. So I guess for now this is somewhat of a secret - hmmm, reminds me of how the current underground developed in the first place. Comes in a lovely handmade sleeve depicting a knife-wielding humanoid in an embossed woodcut. The graphic does not fully speak of the contents, though illustrates a certain dangerous metaphor for further listening. (TJN)

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