AKIHIKO TANIGUCHI - improvised porticle

AKIHIKO TANIGUCHI - improvised porticle cdr

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Akihiko Taniguchi 'improvised particle'-simlog-CDR-beautiful artwork
Granular synthesis, now let me think. You take a sound, slice it into super-small parts (the grains) then throw them in again in tempo, adding random phase, panning or reverse effects and get this wonderful Ultra-Milkmaids-like stuttering melody effect. This record is the perfect example of what a granulator (the effect made out of granular synthesis, follow me?) a few degraders, a host sequencing program and A LOT of talent can make (and a little beat sorcery adds its spice on tracks 3 and 4 - granulated beats?). If you think this is for computer nerds only, you're wrong: it's just great music for everyone. Please note Simlog is a Polish noise/experimental label and they sure deliver.