GUIGNOL DANGEREUX - music for young spiders

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So far the releases of Italy's Guignol Dangereux were on Norway's TibProd label, but now releases a full length on Simple Logic from Poland. Here it sees a further exploration of the style he is playing around with, as on his last releases on TibProd: using two theremins, samples and electronics, exploring some cruder form of techno music. I assume he takes the rhythms as sampled from CDs and vinyl, and sometimes they don't seem to be doing a 'right' loop, but that adds to the charm of the music. These loops are fed through a bunch of electronics, transforming the rhythm sometimes just a little bit, and sometimes a lot. Not music you can dance too, but certainly one to tap your feet along. Fine stuff, but it could be better: some of the tracks are still merely sketch like and could be enhanced with some extra work. Also with fourteen tracks spanning more than one hour, this is also a bit long. It's perhaps the biggest problem with the whole CDR scene: one can never stop chucking out another piece of music. With some more time spend on lesser tracks, so much of this kind of music could benefit more. But a few of these tracks (say half of it), is certainly most enjoyable, even at this stage.