ALEPH - Taśmy z dźwiękiem

ALEPH - Taśmy z dźwiękiem cdr

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Further droney and slightly doomy Polish guff, puked out from same label, not unskilled in its execution and through its mystery it causes an old analogue tape deck to breath flames like a scaly dragon ripped from medieval bestiary. Fine resonating tape-generated gloops, meanderings across the deep-sea bed in search of minerals and precious stones; very textural music (in the same way that being dragged through a bed of thistles is pretty fucking textural), filled with stark high-contrast explosions as intense as the blacks on tenth-generation photocopies, and almost ceremonial in its perverse, long-faced solemnity. Throbbing, echoing, abstract and totally meaningless sea-scapes pouring headlong out of the singular, tortured, fervid brain of an unknown Pole. Over 7 tracks and LP length, not a single wrong foot is placed on ladder of destiny; of my favourites, I plump for 'Dzwieki z Tasmy' which is pure 1950s outer-space sci-fi soundtrack materials, but tinged with brilliantly pessimistic undercurrent - as though watching old black and white grainy footage of Yuri Gagarin in his space capsule, and suddenly everything goes wrong, like maybe he's eaten alive by blue alien monsters, riddled with space dust or ejected prematurely into the stratosphere by faulty Russian hardware. One in the eye for you, Dimitri! 'Dziwne Sny' is second favourite to lugs of present scribe, the moodiest and longest track, and with its nagging repetitious loops and groaning atmospheres, it induces a fever-dream in the cerebellum; while the oscillating tapes sounds like hammered gongs lull you to sleep, the layers of dagger-stabbing backwards tapes won't let you rest. Prescription recommended. Limited pressing 100 CD-Rs only. Small art object. ED PINSENT (10-2003)

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