AABZU/PHYLR - The Shape Of Lost Things

AABZU/PHYLR - The Shape Of Lost Things

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Phylr to Amerykanin Jim Coleman (ex-Cop Shoot Cop, Here/ Invisible Records). Tym razem w kooperacji z polskim elektronicznym duo Aabzu (Maciek Szymczuk + Zenial). Dla fanów brzmień Scape, Progressive Form...
Album ukaże się w kooperacji z VIVO Rec.


This split CD features work from obscure Polish electro-glitchers AABZU as well as new tracks from Jim 'Phylr' Coleman (ex-COP SHOOT COP). The 8 cuts from AABZU blend punchy digital rhythmics with proto-ambient melodies, especially on the bass-heavy 'Azel' and the spacious and lovely 'Nalme'. It's not all that unique, but a good listen nonetheless. PHYLR's work is more cinematic and developed, naturally, and includes piano, strings, brass, guitars, and pieces of the proverbial kitchen sink in spots (witness the wild big beat of 'Hop'). It's high quality work, to be sure, and a treat to these ears. Bravo, Vivo! GODSEND